Why Choose Armstrong Legal

  • We have a specialist team of nine full time family lawyers practising exclusively in family law making us the largest dedicated family law team in Sydney CBD.  Having such a specialist team enables us to delegate work to a solicitor which has appropriate noble experience to provide costs savings to you.  It also provides us with the experience, resources, individual attention and efficiency that cannot be offered by our competitors.

  • All family law solicitors either have a Masters Degree or are studying to obtain a Masters Degree in Applied Family Law at the College of Law through the University of Sydney.

  • Our offices are located conveniently in York Street, Sydney (opposite the Queen Victoria Building) with easy access to trains, buses and parking.  We are only a short walk from the Family Court and see clients by an appointment at Parramatta, Miranda, Wollongong and in Canberra.  

  • We have both male and female solicitors available to help you.

  • We have solicitors with University qualifications in Psychology and Social Sciences to assist you in negotiations, the difficulties faced in the breakdown of a relationship and with greater insight in relation to issues involving children.

  • We have five solicitors trained to be Independent Children's Lawyers (ICL), which means they have undergo additional training to enable them to represent the interests of children.  Again, this gives great insight and advantage in dealing with children's issues.

  • We have solicitors that have had University qualifications in Accounting which provide a distinct advantage in financial cases in dealing with the dollars and cents.

  • We have solicitors trained in mediation and alternate dispute resolution, including Collaborative Law, to assist you in obtaining the best possible results out of Court.

  • We are Law 9000 accredited which means we have proven and tested strategies in place for managing your matter and our firm.  Our management practices meet the qualifications standards and are to make sure we are providing you with the best service available.

  • Our lawyers are chosen not only for their technical skills and expertise, but also for their demonstrated care and compassion towards their clients.  Each of our lawyers are motivated to make a genuine difference in the day-to-day lives of our clients. 

  • We have relationships with the best experts including accountants, financial planners, real estates, businesses, jewellery, vehicles, boats and other items, leading mediators and other traders, psychologists and psychiatrists which are leaders in their fields, as well as a panel of Australia's best family law barristers with whom we work regularly with.  All of these resources are available to our clients as and when needed.

  • We will provide you with realistic advice as to what we can achieve for you in your situation and more importantly, we will speak candidly to you in relation to what we will not be able to achieve on your behalf.  We will discuss strategies with you and arrange the options as to how to approach your situation in order to achieve the best outcome for you.  You will be central to all decisions that are made and kept informed at every step of the process.

  • We will speak to you candidly about costs and the expenses associated with running your case so that you can make informed decisions about which course of action to pursue and its likely benefit to you. 

We believe that we can provide you with advice and service in all aspects of family law which is second to none.  We suggest you contact us on 9261 4555 to discuss your situation and how we can make a difference to you.

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