Property Settlement - Non Financial Contributions

Consideration of the non-financial contributions of parties to a former marriage or de facto relationship is an important aspect of the second step toward property settlement.

What is a non-financial contribution?

Example: Paul and Grace are married and they have purchased a house together. While Paul is at work, Grace spends most of her time throughout the week caring for their 3 young children and landscaping the gardens around the house. Grace’s landscaping has added significant value to the property.

The court will recognise Grace’s non-financial landscaping work alongside the direct financial contributions of Paul. Such recognition is an extremely important aspect of the modern system of Australian family law.

Importantly, Grace’s work caring for the children is also separately recognised as part of her contributions to the former marriage.

What Does The Court Consider?

What will the court have regard to in assessment of non-financial contributions?

  • The cost of paying someone else to do the same work
  • The value added by the contribution to the net asset pool

 Non Financial Contributions | Property Settlement Lawyers

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