Property Settlement - Offers of Settlement

An offer of settlement is an offer made by either party to finalise the matter according to terms established in the offer to settle.

An offer of settlement can be made or received by a party. Armstrong Legal can provide expert advice for our clients in both situations.

Receiving an offer of settlement

Upon receiving an offer to settle, Armstrong Legal will provide you with:

  • An assessment of the offer made by the other party
  • An estimation of future costs
  • A summary of costs (both paid and outstanding) incurred prior to the offer of settlement
  • Advice with respect to making a counter offer

Making an offer of settlement

Armstrong Legal endeavours to provide our clients with the best legal advice catered to their unique and complex personal circumstances.

We understand that making an offer of settlement is an important decision in the context of family law proceedings.

 Offers of Settlement | Property Settlement Lawyers

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