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A chronology is a sequential list of events which took place in the course of your relationship. Having a chronology ready ahead of your first meeting with Armstrong Legal will ensure our time is spent on achieving the best outcome for your case.

25.11.1987 Bob and Amanda married
1987 -1989 Lived in Collaroy together
1989 July - went on a three month holiday to Western Europe
18.01.1990 First child born “Melinda”
1990 - 1994 Lived in Collaroy, however Bob also lived with his brother at this time
1992 October – went on another three month holiday to Malaysia
1995 - 2001 Lived in Manly with Melinda. Bob lived at Dee Why and had constant contact with Melinda
9.10.1997 Second child born “Nathan”
2001 - 2005 In 2002, Bob purchased the unit 11/30 The Parade Dee Why. The children and I were living at Neutral Bay from 2004. I spent approximately 2-3 days per week at the unit cooking, cleaning and gardening and all holidays were spent there because there was a backyard for the children to play. I also helped Bob pay bills and paid for all groceries.
2004 Moved to Neutral Bay
2005 An “Illegal Divorce” occurred without my knowledge or consent
2004 - 2009 In this time Bob and I bought two properties together
-North Ryde property
-Transferred $600,000 from the unit we lived in at Neutral Bay into the “North Ryde property”
Bob also purchased a new car
2006 - 2009 Bob purchased “North Ryde property”. I was living at Neutral Bay with the children. Melinda moved out August 2006, however, I was constantly at North Ryde assisting with cooking, cleaning and purchasing groceries. Bob was happy I was there with Melinda and I cooked, washed and cleaned for Bob.
2008 Bob and I divorce
December 2008 Final parenting orders for Nathan were put in place
January 2009 Property settlements are discussed
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